Artwork For Your Backyard

11390180_660058850793637_7156366684778896545_nIf you’ve always wanted a nature-inspired water feature but are limited by a small backyard, a pondless waterfall may be the solution to your dilemma. It is also an excellent choice if you have young children and worry about the hazards of an open stand of water. In addition, pondless waterfalls are relatively easy to install with a minimum of disruption to the existing landscape and can be virtually maintenance-free.

The name “pondless” may be a bit confusing to those more familiar with traditional waterfall layouts with the water flowing over rocks into a collection pool at the bottom. In a pondless installation, the pond is actually underground, taking up much less space and doing away with the necessity for cleaning and maintaining the pond. The falls can vary in size from triple-tiered cascades to a simple one-step drop, and the type and color of the stones may also vary.



Pondless waterfalls offer homeowners with limited space the luxury and serenity of a flowing water feature at a cost-effective price. The professionals at Carolyn’s Landscaping can advise you on the appropriate installation for your particular needs and help you create a backyard oasis your family will enjoy for years to come!