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The value received by homeowners who contract for professional weekly landscape maintenance is well worth the extra cost. Benefits compound over time from proper pruning, fertilizing, watering, and pest and disease amelioration. Lower cost for service is usually not best unless property owners are prepared to assume risk. A $3,000 turf repair is a heavy penalty to pay because an untrained yard person failed to recognize a chinch bug infestation. Infestations are a natural part of nature and can occur in any yard, but hiring horticulturally-trained individuals can greatly reduce homeowner disappointment. So, when assessing bids, it's best to question the low bidders if you care about your property. Homeowners don't need to be master gardeners to ask these basic questions...

  • Are crews knowledgeable in basic pruning principles?
  • Do crews understand season plant bloom times? Flowering on old growth or new?
  • Do the company personnel understand insect/fungus infestations and treatments?
  • Does the company management perform regular yard inspections?
  • Are top-quality chemical products used?
  • Is the company properly insured and properly licensed?

We promise you it will pay big dividends to spend the extra 10-20% to have a professional company maintain your property. If it is too confusing or time-consuming to do it yourself, just rely on us. Call Carolyn's for a bid, or just with questions which we will be happy to answer. We charge nothing for advice!